Fortnite’s Challenges as an “eSport”

As Forbes writes, not all games are suitable as an eSport. Games reward competitors based on having the highest score, or in the case of Fortnite, being the last player standing. Winning by having the highest score is much easier to understand and convert to eSport tournament and scoring formats. But as written by Paul Tassi at Forbes,  the best player spent “90% of his games were simply him finding the best place to hide”.

When a game is designed with story lines other than highest score, eSport winners don’t always make for an exciting match. Less excitement = less spectator engagement = less sponsor dollars.

DigyScores believes the critical points to a successful eSport event are: 1) Don’t change the game; and 2) Don’t force players to play differently. The DigyScores model is focused on playing the game as it was designed. There is no need to limit maps, reduce weapons, play only 2 or 3 matches or create any other variant of the game. DigyScores calculates tens of thousands of variants in every match and players can play anytime. The player who plays consistently, contributing to their own score and the teams score wins.

Take a read from Forbes who claims:

But last week, the first Summer Skirmish Fortnite event was a disaster. With players pulled from all over the world, playing on NA servers, the games were crippled by lag to the point where Epic had to actually end the event after just four games, somehow declaring a winner despite the fact that no one had won the requisite two victory royales that was supposed to signal the end of the duos contest.

DigyScores operates PRO | AM events for days, weeks or even months leading up to the main event. Each Amateur event defines the players handicap and provides extensive, detailed data informing every player how to improve. Amateurs can win lots of money and prizes along the way with the best qualifying for Semi-Pro and Pro level main events. A new and unique model attracting thousands, if not millions, more players into every event. More players = more excitement = more sponsors.

Here is the Forbes article.

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