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About DigyScores

We’re a blend of experienced developers and partners with a passion for video games. We watched the industry for 30+ years and realized to realize our dream we would be smart to add a few business guys.

Our origin migrated from pinball to video games. We participated in the early days with Lan Parties/Frag Fests and after reaching 500 participants, realized the business model was not financial solvent. In the process, we started analytical research to identify what makes a gamer great.  After years of work, the answer was to create a handicap scoring system similar to golf. (Most people think the PGA (Professional Golf Association) is the source of Golf’s handicap. Its not. Its the USGA (US Golf Association) that controls the handicap system.

Game players are often the victim of the in-game scoring system. Our patent-pending methods validate the scores produced by the game have nominal impact on the true skill of a player. Using some fancy artificial intelligence, our math does take into consideration all the in-game points earned (i.e., Call of Duty World War II has over 40,000 scoring variations), but we also consider thousands of attributes outside the realm of points scored. The combination of all these influencing factors take a tremendous amount of computing horsepower which is why we use AWS.

The second problem we had to solve was the tournament format. Everyone else use a bracket system like the NCAA March Madness. Bracket tournaments simply don’t work will thousands or millions of players; challenging opponents, scheduling players, self reporting results are just some of the hassles without even considering the complex User Interface (UI) brackets create. So we created “ANYTIME” tournaments. Players can play on any device, any time based on their own schedule, not the tournament operators.

DigyScores is focused on improving income for game developers and league operators with an intense focus on the player. Players want social recognition for their time player games and rewards satisfy their competitive spirit. We do both.

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