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Why DigyScores?

  1. eSports growing at incredible pace and DigyScores opens competitions form the current model of 60-80 teams, to millions of players via PRO | AM events
  2. First technology platform to levels playing field with handicap scoring and Anytime tournaments ushers in nearly 2B new players
  3. Strong market validation, IP and strategic partnerships
  4. New revenue streams for Game Developers
  5. Law and regulatory changes make this attractive and timely investment opportunity
  6. Strong management team with video-game industry experience
2B+ Worldwide Video Game Players
360M+ Specatators Watched 1 eSport event in 2017

DigyScores Provides Parity

Parity allows more players to win. When more players win, the entire industry wins.

  1. DigyScores handicap scoring allows players of all skill levels to compete. Our handicap scoring system is similar to golf, just much more advanced.
  2. Game Developers improve player retention and new player acquisition by using DigyScores scoring and tournament platform to engage and reward players improving profitability of every game.
  3. League Owners and Team Managers gain incredible insight to not only their current players, but future players and competitors as well.

Watch a short sample of a real eSport competition

800,000 Games on Apple/IOS 670,000 Games on Google Play
6,000 Mobile Games with 500,000 or More Downloads

Quick Points

  • Handicap scoring and tournament platform for eSports.
  • Operate competitive cash tournaments for games of skill on web, PC, console and mobile platforms.
  • Patent-pending logic creates the market’s first handicap scoring, similar to golf, where any player could compete against more skilled players and win prizes.
  • Provides instant eSports technology for game developers improving both player revenue and retention.
  • Opens eSports rewards (cash, prizes, recognition) to millions of new players.

Handicap Scoring

  • Every player of any skill level can win
  • Handicap is based on historical data, typically less than 2 hours over a lifetime
  • Detailed analytics with proprietary algorithms incorporating artificial intelligence and natural learning techniques
  • One game can exceed 50,000 data points – per player and there are tens of millions of players
  • Professional ranks are not handicapped, only amateur /causal players

Anytime Tournaments

New, innovate thinking has developed Anytime Tournaments opening eSports to a much larger audience:

  • Player can play anytime on anytime
  • No need to challenge someone else, schedule servers, play and report
  • Events can run 24 x 7 x 365
  • Each game title can operate dozens of events at the same time
  • Target different audiences with each type of event
  • Reward lots of players, not just the top 3

DigyScores dream is to see how many players we can help attain 6 figure incomes from sitting at home playing video games

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First Capital Engaged by Digyscores, Inc.

First Capital Ventures (“First Capital”) announced today that it has entered into an engagement agreement with Digyscores Inc. a newly formed Colorado corporation whose focus is the digital eSports entertainment and competition arena. First Capital will provide management and financial services to DigyScores from its Denver headquarters. DigyScores is the first eSports company to offer a handicapping system, similar to golf, in which players of different skill levels can effectively compete with each other.

DigyScores will enter the eSports market which includes 2 billion game players worldwide and more than 323 million spectators who watch competitive eSports. The eSports segment within video games is growing substantially. Forbes predicts a 38% growth in 2018 up to $905M. eSports targets professional gamers who play in front in arena’s in front of tens of thousands of spectators with tens of millions watching on broadcast tv, cable and online. eSports franchises and leagues have been formed by well-known professional team owners in traditional sports like football, basketball, and soccer to take advantage of the explosive growth within the eSports market.

Digital games that are already top eSports titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc. realize extensive publicity before, during and after every event. Game developers hoping for next “major” title are challenged to create a viable scoring system which rewards players with a method that encourages growth in the profitable eSports segment. The current state of scoring limits players ability to compete, win and make money and the same is true for game developers. DigyScores system engages more players assisting game developers to broaden their appeal to competitive tournaments.

DigyScores co-founder, Bryant Delaney, an active gamer, has been developing DigyScores’ patent-pending scoring system for more than a decade. Previously Bryant was a technical leader on many “firsts” as well as an operational guru leading many fast growth companies.

About Digyscores, Inc.

DigyScores is an early stage technology company building the infrastructure to expand the eSports industry. Its unique logic creates the market’s first handicap scoring allowing players of all skill levels to win in a simpler and easier to use tournament environment. DigyScores will assist game developers in expanding gamers’ competitive and social passions which strengthens their relationship with game developers and increases game developers’ revenue.

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