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They say you have to spend money to make money but that was before the days of plug and play technology. ESports is that next big opportunity for app makers. You’ve probably seen dozens of headlines this year talking about eSports involving the likes of the NBA, The Kraft Group, ESPN, Electronic Arts and more.

Give serious consideration to monetizing through these types of cash tournaments and games as it will not only grow revenue for you but could launch your game to a new level of popularity.

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Traditional scoring ranks players and winners based on total points scored during a match and for a lifetime-limiting the rewards of success to the best players and/or whoever has the most time to play.

Supporting characters, i.e., medics, snipers, engineers, will never have the highest score.

DigyScores uses tens of thousands of data points to compare one player or one team against the universe. All this data creates a handicap scoring module to accurately and predicatively determine a players skill. Handicap rewards players for their performance – not the amount of time they play.


DigyScores handicap scoring combined with “Anytime” tournaments changes the landscape for developers enabling every game to gain from the explosive growth in eSports.  Just like the Golf handicap, DigyScores allows any player win.

Today, eSport tournament formats and venues can’t support millions of competitors.

DigyScores allows players to compete using any device and play anytime. We allow players to use every weapon/tool they have earned- with hours and hours of play time-without modifying the game. Just let the players play and DigyScores creates the leagues, ranks, leader boards, tournaments and events to declare thousands of winners.


What good is scoring and tournaments if nobody comes? The expertise to design and develop an exciting game are the not skills required to produce eSport events. The science of scoring plus the marketing and social media demands are skills sets probably not in your team today.

You write the games – DigyScores does the rest

Successful eSport events require players, sponsors and advertisers. Driving eyeballs requires evangelists that live and breath your game with a powerful production engine driving traffic and traction to keep the excitement growing.

eSports is Broken

eSports is making a few games and a few players BIG Money?

  • About 1,000 players compete at the elite level
  • The skills required to compete at the professional level competition diminish at age 26
  • Tournaments are focused on creating 1 winner
  • Events for elite players require travel

Why not YOU?!

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