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Activision Blizzard aims to have at least 28 international, city-based Overwatch League teams at a reported franchise fee of $20 million, while Riot Games is planning on having ten permanent franchises in its North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS), at a cost of $10 million for existing team owners, and $13 million for new ones. Some of the details of the Overwatch and NA LCS franchises are still being hammered out, but we know many NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL owners are in a prime position to secure franchises.


New leagues are announced almost every week. The growth in eSport leagues is following the NFL, NBA, MLB and other traditional sports. The Overwatch League is leading the way with their leagues starting up in 28 cities. This trend will continue for all the popular eSport titles today and it is also paving the road for any game of skill to follow.

The DigyScores handicap scoring and tournament platform is the perfect infrastructure enabling every league (and team) to capitalize on their income. Leagues are in eSports for the money and glory (or is it glory and money? ).  To keep the merchandising, advertising, sponsorship, media rights and game developer fees going and growing, your league needs DigyScores.

Think of our platform as the genesis of the next generation Pro / Am tournament series. Pro / Am events drive your revenue even higher. Pro / Am not only grows the eyeballs watching your professionals, but also digs deeper into your audience through active participation.

If amateur participation reached the same level as spectators, think about the increased revenue. Amateur players will buy more games giving your game developers more income; they will play more hours driving more income; and their success winning at the amateur level will draw in more players.

If you current operate a league or are creating one, contact DigyScores and learn how we can create exciting sales channels driving revenue from new sources.

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