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We provide the analytics on your current players so you know how good they really are. But there is more than just numbers, we provide Intelligence. You know the K/D ratio; you know the SPM; your know their best weapon.  But did you know their best weapon weapon per map – or that each weapon behaves differently on each map? We track hundreds and thousands of real time variations providing you competitive intelligence.

There is more to winning than having the fastest fingers. This may have helped you win in the past, but as eSports becomes bigger, more teams will want to take you down. The MLB and NFL are big on stats, why don’t you become one of the first to apply big data to your success?

You can also make more money in DigyScore tournaments. We provide unique “Anytime” Events along with DIAL-IN events where you control the scoring.  Depending on your skill level, we provide head to head competition plus handicap scoring.

  • Anytime events aggregate your skills anytime you play and compare your results against the world. No need to schedule competitors and servers – just play anytime.
  • Dial-in events allow you to dial in your score. Pick a number and be the closed to your target to win.

DigyScores Partners help you along the way: VIE.GG provides you the opportunity to gamble; YouStake helps you get the buying for big dollar events.

With all these possibilities, you too can quit your job and become a paid professional player.



DigyScores is offering free game servers to qualified teams!

Let us know your are serious and we’ll provide you a free game server. All we require is we get the stats and a MOD.

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